Ansible is an open-source tool that provides IT automation, configuration management, and automatic deployment. It uses SSH for communication between server and client. Because of its agentless nature, it is widely used in automation and deployment tasks. This project sets up an Ansible server that performs IT automation tasks such as server configuration in the local network.

Untangle NG Firewall: Simplified Network Security, Visibility and Control

Untangle is a next-generation firewall solution with security protection, the policy with productivity. It is best suited for small and medium businesses. It shows the network status at a glance on the dashboard. Free applications are richly provided like an apps store. Some rules can be customized. Unlike others, can access from the web browser. In this project Untangle NG Firewall is used to control local networks for web filtering, web access control, malware, virus and intrusion detection, spam mail filtering, advertisement filtering.


This project implements a centralized network monitoring and management system in the local network by using an open-source tool, OpenNMS.  OpenNMS is a free enterprise-grade network monitoring & management platform. It is available for most Linux distribution, Windows, Solaris, and OS X. E-mail, SMS, XMPP, and custom notification methods. It uses a web-based user interface.

Centralized Logging System with Cloud Based Storage

This project implements a centralized logging system with a Rsyslog server to manage and analyze logs from the hosts in the network. It uses Rsyslog to store log messages and web-based LogAnalyzer to analyze these logs. Logs are archived in OwnCloud storage server for backup