Information and Registration System for Vital Statistics

Our system for Vital Statistics is targeted to replace the paper-based system with a computerized system. This system registers all births and deaths, issues these certificates. The system also provides search, verify, and update data reported by the operators or staff. This system helps to reduce the effort by the staff and save their time and avoid unwanted rushes at the hospital.

Immigration and Population Management System Using Smart Card

This system can manage immigration and population processes. It can improve the security of the NRC card by using smart cards. It can register and print out the card within a short amount of time. It can also store the information of the cardholder in the card with a password. It can provide data analysis and reporting processes. Finally, it can provide more convenient, secure, and time-saving processes.

Online Recruitment System between Companies and Job Seekers

This system is designed to provide connections between companies and job seekers. Admins have the authority to insert and update the company list and keep monitoring the system. Companies can advertise their vacancy and choose appropriate staff. Guests can see and find job posts. They can register as job seekers if they would like to apply for jobs.

Online Trademark Registration System

A trademark registration system gives exclusive rights to use the trademark as a special for goods and services. The system can cooperate with customs authorities to prevent counterfeit trademark goods. It provides free assistance for registration, contact details, renewal service, and publication.